Growth Groups (small group fellowships)

A significant portion of our church is involved in Growth Group Fellowships. Within these groups we build community, encourage each other and grow spiritually. Groups meet in various locations around the city.  Some groups, like our young adults group, bring together people with similar life experience. 

Present Growth Group Fellowships:  

--Women's Morning Study: Tuesdays 10-12.00 at Montázs Art Cafe (downstairs from Danube Auditorium.) Studying the Book of 1 Samuel. Contact: Yulia Beatty,

--Adult Sunday School--meets each Sunday at 9:30-10:25 (before the Sunday service) in the Pillar Room downstairs. 

L.I.F.T. - Living in Faith Together, meets once every other month. It is a dedicated time of fellowship for women to connect through meaningful and relaxed times together. For questions email Myriam dos Santos-Zingale at Next L.I.F.T. event in February. For specifics:
Selah--The word Selah is taken from the Psalms and means "stop and listen." Selah meets once a month on the opposite months. It is a time set apart for women to experience silence and solitude, focusing on being with God in the community of others. For questions email Sonya Leeds at The first Selah event will be Friday, January 13th- for specifics: Sunday School—every Sunday morning, 9:30 downstairs in "the Pillar room." Studying 1 Thessalonians. Contact: Curt Fenz, for more information.

--District 2 Small Group Fellowship—at the home of Silas and Kiran Polarouthu, meets every other Wednesday evening. 

* If you are interested in one of the groups above, contact the group leader and discuss your situation. We are committed to finding you a suitable group, or you will be contacted when there are openings. 


Criteria for a small group leader: A man or woman of courage who facilitates the growth of a small community at Danube through teaching and exercising spiritual discipline. This person:

1. Has been a part of Danube for at least 6 months and has become a Danube partner.

2. Has demonstrated a desire to be a servant leader with integrity and willing to teach/facilitate according to Paul's words to Titus in Titus 2:1-8.

3. Has a vision for evangelism and discipleship and mentors those in his/her group to be disciples and multipliers.

(4. A new small group leader could be a co-leader with a present small group leader in order to observe, lead when the main leader is away and eventually oversee his/her own small group.)


          For more information contact James Lauderdale,