Our Pastor and Leaders

OUR PASTOR: Rich Millhouse

Rich and Martha

Rich and Martha Millhouse have served with ReachGlobal for 23 years. For 18 years, they lived in Romania, where Rich served as the pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Craiova and was involved in developing, empowering and releasing Romanians for ministry. He continues to serve on the Strategic Partnering Team of ReachGlobal Europe. Rich is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Martha previously served with CRU at the Josh McDowell Ministry. They have three children; David, Ben and Elizabeth.

Bible verse - Psalm 67:1-2: May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us, that your ways maybe known on earth; your salvation among all nations.


  • Todd Hiltibran
  • Ryan Nolterieke
  • Jim Samland



  • Leandro Torres--H.S. Youth Volunteer Coordinator
  • Kristi Hiltibran--Children's Sunday School Coordinator
  • James Lauderdale--Assimilation, Discipleship and Small Group Coordinator
  • Matt Paschall--Worship Coordinator and Foreigners to Friends Ministry
  • Martha Millhouse--Welcome Team


  • Chris Alexander--Matthew 25 Ministry
  • Don Baker--KMK Facilities Liaison
  • Joel Dicks--Tech teams
  • Scott Neel--Head Deacon
  • Silas Polarouthu--Sunday Fellowships